We have loved hearing from everyone about their #ConversationThread experience. The next step in weaving a new social fabric together is to follow up with your one-on-one partner from dinner.

What do you and your fellow dinner guest have in common? What is one thing that brings them joy? What do you both want to see for Baltimore? Share your stories here!
Please respect the privacy of your dinner partner by not sharing any personal details they would like kept confidential. 

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What did you do together? Share your story!

 Other Stories:

Mona: It was great a gathering and conversation. Everyone in the group was knowledgeable, passionate and full of energy.
Everyone wants to give back to the community and Baltimore.
We will continue the conversation and collaboration.
I emailed David a couple of times aiming to write an internal grant in Hopkins.
I did submit a small grant to help our prisoners.
Waiting for the outcomes.

Thanks for all what you do,

Connie: My fellow dinner guest and I met yesterday and found that we both reach out and help hurting people everyday. This is a part of our personal life mission and goals.

Everyone has challenges, some more than others, but we must all work together to improve the lives of everyone in our city. We can do it!

Fritzi: My fellow dinner guest and I met for coffee and found a mutual hope that Baltimore would regain its optimism and that the cohesion that the City felt after the events of last spring would always be present and not need a negative event to trigger. We have in common a love for the City, including long walks or runs.

Rudy: Rashad Staton and I met on 4/29 at Teavolve to get to know each other better and to continue to thread together. We shared stories of our commitments to improving social outcomes. I am glad that Rashad is able to volunteer for City Schools' Academic team's participation in the United Way's "Walk-A-Mile" experience, which we are conducting at our Great Kids Farm campus. I am looking forward to collaborating with Rashad on strengthening education and youth supports in Baltimore.

Meiling: Kimball, Cassandra, and I got coffee at the Park Cafe in Bolton Hill. We talked a lot about the education system in Baltimore and how one major struggle students face is transportation to school. Kimball, a teacher at ACCE shared her experience teaching 9th graders and Cassandra shared about what other organizations she has heard about in Baltimore. It was great conversation and I hope we get to talk again soon!

Ann: Eileen Kim came to dinner on May 14th. Two Thread students and a Thread volunteer couldn't attend as planned because of last-minute things going on in their lives. We shared stories about working with Thread students and how it's important to continue to be in their lives despite all the frustrations. Their successes bring us each joy, but it's important to have other interests in our lives as well. We love the community feel of Baltimore and want to make a difference by not giving up.

Patty: Great connection after the dinner, which I am hoping will lead to an interesting research opportunity that might benefit a local non-profit. In addition, a member of our dinner is planning a second group discussion!

Angie: We met for coffee in Belvedere Square and ended up talking about SO many things. We both have education backgrounds, and discussed funding for education, sharing a hope that change in the school system's leadership will change city schools for the better. We also talked 'smaller-scale' things--balancing work with a family (especially as women), national election fun, all kinds of topics. It was nice to have had our icebreaker at the dinner, so catching up was very natural.