• Party MC arrives at Host location
  • Set up computer and tv/cable, make sure all technology is working (including video link)
  • Put Thread materials out (volunteer recruitment flyers, quotes, stickers/pins, etc.)
  • Put out name tags & sign-in sheet
  • Put out food and drinks


  • Greet guests
  • Ask to sign-in and put on name tag (if they are not familiar)
  • Give guests raffle tickets for swag raffle
  • Give Thread volunteers/students “ask me about Thread” stickers


  • Host welcomes guests (see Talking Points PowerPoint printout)
  • Host introduces MCs
  • MCs welcome guests to GameDay Conversations
    • Show Ravens/Thread video (DVD, USB, or YouTube Link)
    • Explain what is going to happen:
      • During commercials: trivia and conversation, raffles to give-away swag
      • Halftime: Learn a little more about Thread and getting involved
    • Facilitates ice-breaker (see icebreaker sheet for different options)


  • Game begins!


  • MC facilitates Trivia during commercials
    • For big groups, feel free to divide guests into smaller groups and give them their own deck of cards
    • Encourage everyone to play one card during the commercial
  • Raffle items of swag during commercials


  • Host makes volunteer recruitment “ask” (see Talking Points PowerPoint prinout)
    • Let group know that MC can answer Qs about Thread, shout out any current students or volunteers in the group who can also answer questions
  • Host thanks guests, invites people to stay for second half
  • MC takes picture together and posts on social media (use hashtag #GamedayConversations and tag @ThreadBaltimore on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram)
  • MC does final raffle/give-away