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There are many ways that you can get involved with the Thread community, from supporting our young people to helping build a new social fabric in Baltimore.

Two volunteers and one young person pose together at June 2022 threadTALK

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering with Thread can take many forms, but most of our volunteers serve as Thread Family Members. Family Members work directly with Thread student(s) and other volunteers to form a deeply woven extended network of care and support around the student and each other. Family Members model consistency, open communication, and vulnerability, extending the young persons (and their own) social network and facilitating opportunities for each other to build new skills and identify opportunities throughout life. Some common support includes rides to school, homework and resume help, discussion of career options, or just hanging out.

Become a Volunteer Leader

Some volunteers take on leadership roles by becoming a Head of Family or GrandParent. These volunteers receive additional training and become guides and coaches for other volunteers.

Thread volunteer Natalie at August 2022 threadTALK
Thread CEO Sarah Hemminger posing with two Thread alumni and a volunteer.

Donate to Thread

By donating, you are helping Thread continue to weave a new social fabric by connecting young people, university and community-based volunteers, and collaborators across lines of difference.

Collaborate with Thread

Thread collaborators provide pro bono resources and expertise to young people, volunteers, and the organization. Thread collaborators come from Baltimore’s civic, corporate, non-profit, religious, and neighborhood communities and help remove barriers for young people and their families by providing legal, health and housing support, in-kind donations, employment opportunities, and other vital resources. Email us at volunteer@thread.org.

Two Thread collaborators and a Thread young person pose together.
Thread staff members posing together in Thread branded pride shirts at a kickball game

Work with Thread

Team members at Thread are hard- and smart-working, collaborative, curious, passionate, gritty, strategic and resilient. We meet people where they are. We go all in with care, compassion, and empathy. Join us!