Thread’s thought leadership is trending toward a national platform.

We are honored and energized by the national attention Thread’s Community Model has received over the last several months, including: a New York Times op-ed—Where American Renewal Begins and a recent Brookings Institute report on Renewing America’s Economic Promise. Sharing our work in this way has helped to elevate Thread’s work on a national scale and shine a spotlight on the good things that are happening in Baltimore!

Last month, The New York Times published a great op-ed about Thread’s Community Model and the work we’re doing to radically connect the people of Baltimore across lines of difference.

David Brooks, who wrote the piece, is an expert in social isolation and understanding the plight of our nation’s fragmentation. His mission is to draw attention to organizations, like ours, that are working to heal social divisions so we can get the collective exposure needed to change history and become a social movement. He believes that the Thread model is Where American Renewal Begins. If you haven’t already read the piece, check it out here!

In the spring, Thread was featured in a report published by The Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. The report, Renewing America’s economic promise through Older Industrial Cities, provides “an in-depth analysis of the key attributes of dozens of older industrial cities across the country, arguing that bottom-up efforts to better leverage their advantages, and address their disadvantages, can help achieve improved economic growth, prosperity, and inclusion for all.” The article featured Thread as one of the assets contributing to long-run economic growth and opportunity in Baltimore. “Thread’s model demonstrates that deep, sustained work can help address the racial and economic polarization that many [Older Industrial Cities] face and help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds connect meaningfully to their cities’ new successes.” See the full report here. Thread is mentioned on page 60.

We are grateful to have shared our mission, vision, and outcomes on these platforms and look forward to future opportunities to share our approach as we continue to grow our community and create a new social fabric, right here, in our city!