Position : Program Coordinator, Post High School

Reports to: Director, Student Involvement

We are partnering with Baltimore Corps to hire for this position. Interested candidates can apply here.

Job Summary

The Program Coordinator, Post High School has responsibility for developing and executing programming that supports the academic and professional development progression of Thread’s students who are nearing the end of high school and through the remainder of their ten-years with Thread. This position coordinates Thread’s programming related to preparation for academic advancement post high school, college entrance and workforce preparation, and persistence in postsecondary academics. While all Thread students are expected to complete high school, many students will pursue academic programs beyond high school, including certification, as well as two- and four-year college degrees. With the support of Resource Team Volunteers, this position will work closely with Thread’s Community Managers to determine academic and professional development needs to deliver effective programming.

Key Responsibilities

Post High School Program Implementation

●  Coordinate with the Director, Student Involvement and Community Managers to ensure that all Thread post high school students have set academic and/or professional development goals.

●  Determine the challenges and gaps that will impede student achievement of their post high school goals; update regularly to address changing needs and confirm priorities

●  Identify and prioritize academic and professional development support priorities; update regularly to confirm priorities

●  Lead the implementation, oversight, and evaluation of Thread’s post high school academic and professional development programming events called Post High School threadHOURS, with key support from Resource Team Volunteers

●  Provide additional support for other threadHOURS programming focused on professional development and relationship-building, including camp and “the Quad”, a celebration of Thread students’ first four years in Thread

●  Lead implementation of academic programs to address key priorities, including:

○  Certification/College readiness

○  Certification preparation

○  College examination preparation

○  Certification/College academic persistence

○  Certification/College financial aid

○  Resume development

○  Job skills development

○  Job search support

○  Interviewing skills

○  Job persistence

○  Financial management skills

●  Develop programming that allows students & their Thread Families to monitor progress toward goals over time

●  Provide efficient and effective coaching and ongoing development to Resource Team Volunteers

Collaboration with Community Partners and Resources

●  Identify the need for external resources and work collaboratively with the Director of Community Growth to secure new resources

●  Maintain and nurture sustainable partnerships and ongoing relationships with external partners to support Thread’s academic and professional development programming, including those developed with colleges, universities and other programs

●  Establish relationships with local employers to expand opportunities for Thread’s Post High School students

●  Identify opportunities to leverage support and expertise from community partners, such as engaging community partners to lead or co-lead select Post High School ThreadHOURS events

Quality Assurance

●  Ensure clear communication to Thread students of all academic support programs

through Community Managers and by leveraging Thread Families

●  Work with other staff to ensure alignment of program staff and resources with overall

organizational goals

●  Support Post High School ThreadHOURS events and activities by ensuring that all events have proper staff and volunteer support, including attending ThreadHOURS weekly.

●  Follow all financial policies/procedures and report to the Director, Student Involvement regarding program budget

●  Develop goals, outcomes, and evaluation requirements; ensure effective collection of program evaluation information with focus on short- and long-term outcomes


▪  Bachelor’s Degree required

▪  3-5 years of experience required

▪  Experience working at a non-profit organization and specifically with opportunity youth and families strongly preferred

▪  Experience working with academically underperforming youth and families preferred

▪  Ability to lead, coach and develop a team of volunteers

▪  Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to Thread’s students and volunteers

▪  Unwavering commitment to quality with the ability to achieve programmatic outcomes

▪  Excellent people, process and project management abilities

▪  Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders

▪  Familiarity with social service setting and Baltimore community resources preferred

▪  Strong candidates would possess the following attributes: excellent communication skills, positive attitude, self-motivated, ability to advocate

▪  Ability to evaluate efficiencies of programs and make improvements as needed

▪  Willingness to work unusual hours to accommodate for the demands of the position, including weekly Post High School ThreadHOURS , 6-8pm

▪  Ability to make minimum two-year commitment to the position

▪  Ability to manage projects, organize and complete complex tasks and prioritize multiple assignments and deliver on a timely basis

We are partnering with Baltimore Corps to hire for this position. Interested candidates can apply here.

More About Thread

Our Mission

Thread engages underperforming high school students confronting significant barriers outside of the classroom by providing each one with a family of committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. We foster students’ academic advancement and personal growth into self-motivated, resilient, and responsible citizens.

Our Why

The Thread Community Model brings together a broad cross-section of our city by forming authentic, mutual, and enduring relationships and in turn provides a vehicle for sustained change. Thread believes that the power of relationships—the dynamic web of interconnectedness created when futures are woven together—can end the poverty of isolation and allow both youth and Baltimore to realize their full potential.

Thread is weaving a new social fabric where everyone thrives and which is expanding to connect with even more students, volunteers, and collaborators. Thread currently serves 303 students and alumni with the support of over 800 volunteers and over 175 collaborators. We

plan to continue to increase our annual and total enrollments until we meet our long-term goal of engaging 300 new students each year (5% of every high school freshman class across Baltimore City). This expansion and evolution requires that Thread be nimble and innovative, and leverage identified opportunities in a way that is congruent with our values and core competencies.

Our How

Team members at Thread are hard- and smart-working, collaborative, curious, passionate, gritty, strategic and resilient. We meet people where they are. We go all in with care, compassion, and empathy. We believe small acts make a big difference. We trust each other to be sincere, reliable and competent. The outcomes Thread has achieved are exemplary. However, the road to excellence is peppered with iterative learning. We make mistakes often and fail frequently, but we learn from our mistakes and continue to tenaciously try and try again. We are about building communities of responsibility and have high expectations of students, volunteers, collaborators, and staff. We believe that each human being has a purpose in life and have found that individuals living on purpose have discovered the intersection of their skills, passion, and what the world needs. The journey to find this intersection, one’s dot, is often simultaneously exhilarating and difficult. Thread creates a safe and challenging space for all individuals in our community—students, volunteers, collaborators, and staff— to find their dot through deep reflection, honest feedback, and in-depth coaching.