Interested in becoming a Thread volunteer? Check out this video to learn more about our community, different volunteer roles, and what you can expect when you join us.

What does a Thread volunteer do?

Volunteering with Thread can take many forms, but most of our volunteers serve as Thread Family Members (FM), and their activities can include nearly everything you might expect a family would do together. FMs can give rides to school, go out for dinner, help with homework, play video games, pick up groceries, visit colleges, watch football, or swap advice about relationships. Basically, anything one might do with a sibling, cousin, or friend, that would deepen your relationship – that’s a great activity to do with a Thread Family.

Some volunteers take on leadership roles by becoming a Head of Family or GrandParent. These volunteers receive additional training and become guides and coaches for other volunteers.

What is the time commitment for a Thread Volunteer?

We ask that a volunteer connect with their student once a week. Becoming a Thread volunteer should be very similar to becoming someone’s friend. If you have time to make a new friend, you should have time for Thread!

Spending time with your Thread Family & student is critical for forming deep connections. We believe that simply establishing a meaningful relationship and overcoming barriers together will have a transformative impact on all members of Thread’s Community, including our volunteers!

First Steps to Getting Started as a Volunteer!

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