Delshan Baker

Vice President of Investment

Marie Brown

Senior Director of Government and Corporate Relations

Allison Buchalter

Vice President of Involvement

Hope Burke

Community Manager L1, Dunbar

Rodney Burris

Temporary Director of Inspiration

Fortune Diwe

Data Management Specialist

Cynthia Douglas

Community Manager L1, ACCE

Amber Earl

Special Assistant to the CEO

Annie Eddy

Operations Manager

Lea Ferguson

Vice President of Inspiration

Scott Ferry

Community Manager, L2

Toni Fletcher

Vice President of Infrastructure

Monique Fofana

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Terrance Holmes

Reconnection Specialist

Kendall Jamison

Community Growth Specialist

Adrienne Johnson

Development Specialist

Rebecca Johnson

Resource and Response Manager

Helene Kahn

Director of Community Growth

Neekta Khorsand

Program Coordinator, Professional Development

Katie Koudelka

Systems and Database Manager

Casey Lawson

Program Coordinator, Academics

Patrick Locklin

Accounting Coordinator

Nick Greer

Vice President of Interconnection

Nikhil Gupta

Community Manager L1, Digital

Sarah Hemminger

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Aaryn McCutchan

Director of Community Management

Devin Morton

Community Manager L2

Brian Nelson

Product Manager

Maurice Portee

Temporary Investment Specialist

Katherine Schmidt

Community Involvement Manager

Irene Tai

Grants Manager

Halley Thompson

AmeriCorps Manager

Donnaya Vassell

Communications Coordinator

Jordan Wagner

Project Coordinator

Sade Young

Program Coordinator, Post High School