Thread invests significant resources to foster volunteers’ development into self-motivated, resilient, and responsible citizens by training them in the Thread Core Competencies.


Fail successfully

Thread is a rapid prototyping organization. We try, fail, revise, and try again. Throughout their experience in Thread, members gain the confidence not that they have all of the solutions, but that they can persist and find a solution to any problem.

Inclusive decision-making

Thread members are empowered to think critically and make decisions collaboratively. By minimizing top-down directives about the “how” in achieving goals, Thread increases the internal locus of control and pro-activity of all members.

Rethink wealth

Thread views loving and supportive relationships as true wealth and facilitates a shift in the mindset of Thread members from one of viewing their environment as resource-poor to viewing it as resource-rich. We teach members to map out all available resources to find creative ways to utilize existing resources to solve problems.

Never give up

Thread never gives up on a member of our community. We do whatever it takes to support each individual.