Thread CEO Sarah Heminger wearing a mask and hugging a young person

At Thread, we – students, volunteers, collaborators and staff – are all on a journey of growth that is shaped by the relationships we have with others and ourselves. Thread has four Core Competencies that guide how we aspire to act in order to create meaningful connections.

Show all the way up
Be physically and authentically present. Recognize your own inherent value and understand that you have room for growth. Push through discomfort to connect deeply with others.

Fail Forward
Give and receive feedback, then utilize that feedback to grow. Tell the truth with kindness, call a thing a thing. Share with others how you are changing and how you have changed.

Treat relationships as wealth
There is inherent value in all people. Your ability to thrive is bound up in other’s ability to thrive. Meet people where they are and intentionally build relationships across lines of difference.

Learn from all voices
Start with the assumption that people have the best intentions. Make the table accessible. Actively listen to all voices while letting your voice be heard. Identify the value added by yourself and others, looking for unique capabilities.

“There’s a fantastic community organization in Baltimore called Thread that has a few core competencies that shape its culture. We’d all be in much better shape if every organization in America lived out these values.” – David Brooks, “The Future of American Politics” NY Times Jan 2020 

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