Thread invests significant resources to foster volunteers’ development into self-motivated, resilient, and responsible citizens by training them in the Thread Core Competencies.

Show all the way up

  1. Recognize your own inherent value
  2. Understand, embody, and communicate that you understand you have room for growth
  3. Be physically and authentically present
  4. Challenge yourself and push through discomfort to connect deeply with others

Fail forward

  1. Be willing to engage in an iterative change process
  2. Give and receive constructive feedback (telling the truth with love; call a thing a thing)
  3. Utilize feedback to change
  4. Share with others how you are changing and how you have changed

Treat relationships as wealth

  1. Understand my ability to thrive is bound up in your ability to thrive
  2. Recognize the inherent value of ALL people; dismantle the “haves” versus “have nots”
  3. Meet ALL people where they are at
  4. Intentionally build relationships across lines of difference

Learn from all voices

  1. Make the table accessible
  2. Start with the assumption that people have the best intentions
  3. Identify the value added by yourself and others, look for unique capability not simply ability
  4. Actively listen to all voices, actively use your own voice