Our Impact is Greater Together

 In Video

As 2022 comes to a close, what are you thankful for? At Thread, we’re filled with gratitude for the generosity of our Thread community: the tenacity of our exceptional young people and alumni; the unwavering support provided by our committed volunteers; our collaborators and partners who rise to every challenge; and our dedicated staff who truly understand the power of relationships.

We’re also reflecting on the impact that we have made–together. In choosing to build new relationships across lines of difference, to be vulnerable and ask for help when it’s needed, to connect someone to an opportunity, or to tell a friend about Thread, you make it possible for others to grow and for all of us to succeed.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below and hear about the impact Thread has made in the words of our young people and volunteers.

As we look to the new year we want to thank our community for continuing to show all the way up for each other. And we’re asking you to find your preferred way of giving back.

Consider making a direct impact on someone’s life, and on your own. BUILD a relationship across lines of difference by becoming a volunteer. You’ll join a growing community that supports each other 100%.

Looking for different way to get involved? Help SUPPORT a relationship by donating to Thread. Your gift will help meet the needs of Thread families as they overcome barriers to achieve their goals in 2023.

Volunteer Julia