Unexpected Friendships – Julia’s Volunteer Story

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Meaningful friendships emerge at different points throughout our lives, often when you least expect them. Some are formed as kids, a next-door neighbor or someone you met on the first day of school. Others evolve later in life, a treasured co-worker or a friend of a friend with a shared sense of humor. You never know if a person you meet will become your “up for anything” partner or a quiet confidante. At Thread, we bring together individuals from all different backgrounds to build deep and supportive relationships.

Julia became a Thread volunteer when she was new to Baltimore and wanted to find a way to help out others in her community. Now, 12 years later, many of the young people with whom she developed relationships are her very closest friends who find ways to help her.

Click here or on the image below to watch a video about how Julia found unexpected friends in Thread.

This holiday season, give an amazing gift to yourself and others by becoming a Thread volunteer. BUILD a relationship across lines of difference that will transform your world.

If you’re not looking for change right now, help SUPPORT a relationship by donating to Thread. Your gift will support Thread families as they work through life together and weave a more equitable Baltimore.

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