Finding Family in Thread – Miguel’s Alumni Story

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When you hear the word “family,” what comes to mind? Does it pull you to another time and place or is it a definition memorized from a Merriam-Webster dictionary? If you’re a Thread young person or volunteer, you’re likely thinking about your Thread community; the people who have your back during life’s best and worst moments – and everything in between.

For Miguel, a Thread alumnus, Thread gave him a family of caring people who were there for him 100%. It’s how he met Dave, a volunteer who became like an older brother and who made Miguel feel heard and cared for–the kind of relationship he never had before.

This giving season we are reflecting on the gifts shared by our Thread community, especially our young people, volunteers, and alumni. Today we’re asking you to find your preferred way of giving back. 

We are grateful for all the young people and volunteers who make time to build deep relationships and strengthen our Thread community. If you’re not a volunteer, we hope you’ll consider becoming one. BUILD a relationship across lines of difference. Get to know someone who doesn’t look, think or act like you and watch it transform your life and theirs.  

Not the best time for a life-changing experience? Help SUPPORT a relationship by donating to Thread. Your gift will support Thread families as they form deep connections, identify short and long-term goals, and work through barriers to achieve success.

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