Lessons from Erricka Bridgeford on Leading with Our Humanity

 In Video

Last week we were thrilled to share a conversation with Erricka Bridgeford, Executive Director, Baltimore Community Mediation Center (BCMC) & Co-founder, Baltimore Ceasefire 365. As we all reflect on ways to address the root causes of violence in our city, BCMC, Ceasefire365, and Thread are instrumental in advancing solutions for the health and safety of young people in the community.

Among the many lessons we took from the conversation, we loved this reflection Erricka shared:

“I lead with my humanity because I understand the importance of people knowing that it gives them permission to lead with their own humanity.”

That message speaks deeply to Thread’s core competency Show All the Way Up – and few people truly show up to the level of Erricka. Being her authentic self and inviting others to do the same is essential to the work that she does in the community to honor the value in all people and make space for peaceful mediation. Watch more from our discussion with Erricka in the video below, or click here to watch the full discussion.

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